Good tunes. That's the Day It Is and Let's Just Agree stand out. -Richard Milne WXRT Chicago on 


Eddie Dixon seems to be a kindred spirit of Beck, not necessarily in musical sound but in one-man-band approach to creating music. The multi-instrumentalist ably exhibits his pop music/mad-scientist skills on the nine-song Skirmisher. Although a bit left-of-center in arrangement, the songs have a solid rock backbone made pleasantly quirky with Dixon’s high attention to detail. “Lucky” and “Kidnap Van” showcase this peccadillo with their layers of instrumentation and vocals, which are generally warm if not understated throughout the tracks. (
– Jason Scales illinois entertainer

One-man band Eddie Dixon recorded his solo debut, Well . . . That’s Just Perfect, in his native Mississippi using a scattered bunch of instruments ranging from a tambourine to a toy piano. The result is a set of slow-rolling tunes that are equally bluesy and quirky. Dixon’s slight Southern drawl and sludgy soul sounds are especially pronounced on the melodic whistle-along, “I Ain’t Mad.” Chicago has got a great import on its hands. (– Max Herman illinois entertainer